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English Stylistics Class 2014. Metaphor, week 3


This week we were talking about metaphor and subtypes. Metaphor is implide comparison of 2 objects, they are seemingly different, but should be smth in common.The simple formula- A is B. Talking about subtypes of metaphor, we met personification ( inanimate objects and abstract ideas compared to human being) and metagoge ( subtype in which inanimate objects are described as feelings compared to human being). This big and bright family makes our speech vivid. So, lets move to the main task. I have choosen a text full of metaphors and made the analysis of them. This text about my mother and it was the main reason for my choice:

My mom is a dozen sweet rose,

She is the sun in the rainy dark sky.

My mom is a colourfull rainbow,

She is a bird tweeting in the trees.

She is a book waiting to be read.

She is my blanket of love.


Metaphors used in this text have construction A is B. They are original and simple. Lets consider each metaphor paying attention to meaning.

1) Mom is a dozen sweet rose. ( She is beautifull)

2) Mom is the sun in rainy dark sky. ( She always can help me in difficult situation, while i don`t see any solutions)

3) Mom is a rainbow. ( She lives with positive in her heart. And she makes me feel happy)

4) Mom is a bird tweeting in the trees. ( She has a lot to talk about)

5) Mom is a book waiting to be read. ( She is wise and full of simple advices, but all genial is simple)

6) Mom is my blanket of love. ( Noone feel and love me as my mom, imagine the difference, when you sleep with blanket and without...The blanket warms you.Mother`s love is the warmest and strongest feeling in the world)

It was analysis of metaphors, I made it by my heart=)I hope you`ll like my thoughts and the way of making given task.


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