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English Stylistics Class 2014. antonomasia



Good day to post)

I have free time at last. My first time post on the computer, because i'm tired of nobody-seeing-my-comments and information.

Our week started from the theme of metonymy. Metonymy has subtypes, there are synecdoche, antonomasia. And you remember about it. I give preference to antonomasia, i don't know why. But, of course, metonymy and synecdoche are interesting too.

I remembered that Antonomasia examples can be found referring to many famous people who are eminent in their particular field of expertise or celebrity, so i know some bright examples:

  • "The Little Corporal" for Napoleon I
    "His Majesty" for a king
    "Her Royal Highness" for a princess
    "Einstein" for a scientist

    The Little Corporal - for Napoleon I

  • His Majesty - for a king
  • Her Royal Highness - for a princess
  • Einstein - for a scientist
  • The King of Rock - for Elvis Presley

Then I found another examples on this wedsite  http://www.englishlanguageterminology.org/antonomasia.htm

BUT in brackets there are my additions, some of them from the Great Wikipedia ;), others from my mind. May be somebody use these examples in the future, or seeing somewhere you will know what it means exactly.

  • The Iron Duke - for the Duke of Wellington (The Duke of Wellington remembered for his military genius at Waterloo, gained much experience through his long journey from his birth in Ireland to service in British India and later in Spain. He went onto become British Prime Minister further enhancing his reputation as the 'Iron Duke')
  • The King of Rock - for Elvis Presley (everyone know about him, of course)
  • The Great Bard - for William Shakespeare
  • The Spurs - for Tottenham Hotspur
  • The Voice - for Frank Sinatra ( i know only one thing by him, Oooooh the weather outside is frightful, buuut the fire is so delightful, since we've no place to goooo, Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snoooow.. mm, smell of Christmas, nice song:))
  • The Scottish play - for Macbeth
  • A Benedict Arnold (was a General in the American revolutionary war. He was part of the continental Army when the war began. As he changed the sides, his act was considered as betrayal and he was called as traitoror "Quisling" (is a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force.The word originates from the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling who was the head of a collaborationist regime in Norway during the World War 2) - for a traitor

That's all for this week by me! Thanks for attention, I hope this info will be useful for you.



Congratulations on the beginning of spring! I wish you many bright and colourful days!


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