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English Stylistics Class 2013. Oxymoron, Periphrasis, Euphemism


Oxymoron is a combination of two words in which the meaning is opposite in sense. Oxymorons from Everyday Life:

-         Great Depression;

-         Pain for pleasure;

-         Beautifully painful;

-         Painfully beautiful;

-         Pretty ugly;

-         Pretty cruel;

-         Only choice;

-         Amazingly awful;

-         Awfully delicious;

-         Original copy.


PERIPHRASIS is the "use of a longer phrasing in place of a possible shorter form of expression", or "an instance of periphrasis".


Euphemism is used to avoid some unpleasant things, or taboo things.

Example: "He passed away" for he died;

Big boned- fat;

Correctional facility – prison.


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